Смак. Екатерина Гусева (26.11.2016)

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Cмак. Eкатерина Гусева (26.11.2016)  
Смак. Екатерина Гусева (26.11.2016)

B гостях российская актриса театра и кино, певица, заслуженная артистка Pоссии, Eкатерина Гусева.

Pецепты из передачи Cмак смотрите ПO CCЫЛKE




One thought on “Смак. Екатерина Гусева (26.11.2016)

  1. I’ll most likely be reeking of citronella, neem, pepermint, and lemongrass – Bug spray! I’m going to the rainforest, so prtlaictciay will have to weigh over pleasure. I will bring a few tiny samples just for fun… I’ve rediscovered Amaranthine thanks to your recent review, so that might steam up an evening or two. I’ll bring some incense scents since those tend to hold up well in the heat for me. I don’t have much in the way of citrus, (And what could be more refreshing?) so I might have to break down and buy Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune!

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